Angelo Sartori

Title: Director, Latin America & the Caribbean
Joined Verra: 2018
Languages spoken:Spanish, English

As Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Angelo is responsible for promoting the use of standards and programs administered by Verra in this region. Angelo works with various stakeholders in these countries, including national and regional governments, NGOs, the private sector, academia, and rural and indigenous communities.

Due to the various emerging national carbon pricing initiatives such as carbon taxes, offsets mechanisms and cap-and-trade approaches in Latin America and the Caribbean, Angelo’s role is to work with countries to promote the use of the VCS Program for certification of high quality carbon credits at the scale of projects and programs such as the Jurisdictional and Nested approach to REDD+ (JNR). He also supports the establishment of a link between supply and demand at national and international levels.

In his previous position at Verra, Angelo was the Market Development Manager for REDD+, working with certified private project developers with the VCS and CCB Programs and governments to align technical issues at project level with national and sub-national REDD+ approaches led by governmental agencies.

Prior to joining Verra, Angelo worked from 2003 to 2018 for the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) of the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture as Head of the Climate Change and Environmental Services Unit. In this capacity, he assumed the role of National Focal Point of REDD+ within the UNFCCC, and served as the official counterpart to initiatives such as FCPF, UN-REDD, GEF and GCF, among others. He also led the formulation and implementation of the National Strategy for Climate Change and Vegetational Resources of the Chilean government. Additionally, Angelo spent parts of his career as a university professor, teaching classes in sustainability and climate change matters, and as an evaluator of national and international projects.

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