The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program is the world’s largest voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) program with almost 1,600 registered projects in 82 countries that have cumulatively generated more than 450 million carbon credits. Of the registered projects, almost 180 are REDD+ projects that have generated more than 180 million carbon credits. However, only 3% of these credit issuances come from afforestation, reforestation or revegetation (ARR) projects. Increases in ARR activities are imperative in the coming decades in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

A consolidated, globally-applicable VCS ARR methodology would significantly streamline the development of ARR projects around the world. Recognizing this, Verra seeks a consultant to develop a broadly applicable ARR methodology, activity method module, and leakage tool, and to lead the progression of these products through the VCS methodology approval process (MAP). Verra will fund and manage the development and assessment process.

The goal of an ARR activity method module is to streamline the determination of additionality without sacrificing rigor, thus reducing the burden and costs associated with ARR project development. The goal of the ARR leakage tool is to standardize the quantification of leakage for all ARR activities. Verra anticipates expanding this leakage tool to include other AFOLU activities in the future to ensure that all projects take a standardized approach to leakage.

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All documents must be submitted to Andrew Beauchamp at by close of business 27 May 2020. We will finalize the selection of the consultant in early June 2020.