Verra would like to remind project proponents about the following project review timelines, per Section 5 of the Plastic Program Guide (specifically Sections 5.4-5.7):

  • Listing request (required to begin validation): 10 business days
  • Registration request (after validation has concluded): 30 business days
  • Verification public comment period request (required to begin verification): 10 business days
  • Verification approval request (after verification has concluded): 30 business days

Please note that Verra’s review of a project’s registration or verification approval request may result in findings that need to be addressed by the validation/verification body and project proponent. This will impact how long it takes for a project to obtain registration or verification approval under Verra’s Plastic Program.

Verra encourages proponents of plastic projects planning to submit requests for project listing, registration, or verification approval to provide advance notice to Verra by emailing This will allow our team to process your requests as efficiently as possible.

If you have any questions, please email