2019 VCS Version 4 Public Consultation

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Verra has launched a second 60-day public consultation on the next version of the VCS Program: VCS Version 4. This consultation is aimed at receiving your feedback on updates to the proposals included in the May 2018 consultation on VCS Version 4.

Similar to the 2018 consultation, this consultation is guided by a 30129 VCS Version 4 Consultation Roadmap. The Consultation Roadmap sets out a catalogue of proposals which will make up the core of VCS Version 4. For each proposal we have prepared an individual consultation document that summarizes the main points of feedback received during the first consultation, indicates whether, how, and why the proposal has been updated from the 2018 version, and, where appropriate, indicates how we plan to incorporate the proposal into the VCS rules.

Consultation Documents

2019 VCS Version 4 Consultation Roadmap

  1. Revision to Scope of VCS Program
  2. Domestic Climate Contribution (DCC) (On hold – see Consultation Roadmap for more information)
  3. Update to Project Crediting Period Requirements
  4. Update to Validation/Verification Body Accreditation Recognition
  5. Project Sustainable Development Goal Contributions (On hold – see Consultation Roadmap for more information)
  6. Streamlining the Methodology Approval Process
  7. Updates to AFOLU Requirements (Versión en Español)
  8. Reorganizing and Restructuring VCS Program Documents

Public Comment

The consultation will run for 60 days, ending on 10 June 2019. After the consultation, we’ll use your input to finalize the content of VCS Version 4 f, which we anticipate releasing in Q3 2019.

We encourage stakeholders to review as many proposals as possible, though the Consultation Roadmap is designed to facilitate review of proposals which are most relevant to individual stakeholders’ work.

Please provide comments in any form, including email or by preparing formal documents, and send those to secretariat@nullverra.org by 10 June 2019, including your name, organization, and contact information.

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Additional Resources

Revision to scope of VCS Program resources

Information on the 2018 Public Consultation


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