Tuik Ruch Lew Improved Cookstove Project

The Tuik Ruch Lew (TRL) project sustainably provides, installs, and maintains energy-efficient cookstoves in the Lake Atitlán Basin, Guatemala. “Tuik Ruch Lew” means “Helping the Earth” in the Mayan language. The replacement of open cooking fires reduces wood fuel demand to limit greenhouse gas emissions and benefit the local Tz’utujil Maya communities by improving household air pollution and saving time and money.

In addition, the TRL Improved Cookstove Project distributes water filters and LED lightbulbs to households to deliver expansive sustainable development benefits for people and the planet over the project’s lifetime. With SD VISta certification, it is possible to capture, verify, and measure all of the project’s diverse sustainable development benefits.

“Now that our project is certified with SD VISta, we have the power to independently verify all the different sustainable development benefits of our project, to a level of detail we couldn’t otherwise achieve. This accuracy is so important for all those who put their trust in our work – from our funding partners, to the communities we support on the ground.”

Candis E Krummel, Co-Founder, Tuik Ruch Lew