Verra has launched a public consultation on proposed revisions (PDF) (methodology development ID #M0192) to VM0001 Infrared Automatic Refrigerant Leak Detection Efficiency Project Methodology, v1.1. The proposed revised methodology has been renamed to VM0001 Refrigerant Leak Detection, v2.0. The revisions will expand this methodology’s global applicability, allow new leak detection technologies, and provide a simplified approach for determining the maximum leak rate allowed for crediting (known as a cap baseline). The consultation runs until March 8, 2024.

The proposed revisions result, in part, from Verra’s ongoing regular quality review of VCS methodologies, which Verra is conducting as part of the “Enhanced Program Integrity and Impact” priority area under the New Era for Verra initiative.

Currently, VM0001 only applies to infrared technologies and is only approved for use in the United States. The proposed revision would expand its applicability to leak detection technologies other than infrared, provided they are capable of automatic detection and available online. The revision would also enable the global use of this methodology.

The proposed revisions also include a simplified approach to determine a cap in the baseline emissions and incorporate data for regions beyond the United States to facilitate the methodology’s global use.

Lastly, the revisions include general editorial improvements to make the methodology clearer and more user friendly.

A marked-up version that shows all suggested changes will not be published, due to the comprehensive editorial revisions throughout the methodology.

The suggested changes constitute revisions per the Methodology Development and Review Process, v4.3 (PDF).

To provide feedback, please submit the M0192 VM0001 Comment Template (XLSX) by March 8, 2024.