Verra has issued corrections and clarifications for VM0042 Methodology for Improved Agricultural Land Management, v2.0 and the associated module VMD0053 Model Calibration, Validation, and Uncertainty Guidance for the Methodology for Improved Agricultural Land Management, v2.0, effective as of January 22, 2024.

The corrections and clarifications to VM0042 (PDF) apply to all projects in the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program that are registered under this methodology, while the corrections and clarifications to VMD0053 (PDF) apply to all projects registered under VM0042 that are using biogeochemical modeling as part of their soil carbon quantification.

Projects registered with Verra’s VCS Program under this methodology and module facilitate the scaling up of soil carbon sequestration activities, an important nature-based solution to climate mitigation.

The corrections pertain to equations and parameters using default factors to quantify carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide emissions from diverse agricultural land management activities.

The clarifications relate to the following:

  • Requirements for soil sampling and analysis
  • Definitions of quantification units and strata
  • The evidence project proponents must provide to comply with various methodology requirements
  • Explanations of equation parameters
  • Requirements that are cross-referenced between VM0042 and VMD0053

Interested stakeholders can find a list of all updates in tables included at the beginning of the VM0042 and VMD0053 corrections and clarifications documents. If you have any questions regarding the corrections or clarifications, please contact Viridiana Alcantara-Shivapatham, manager, agriculture innovation (