This week Verra will host the first Plastic Program Advisory Group (PPAG) meeting. The PPAG is a multi-stakeholder, cross-sectoral group that helps ensure that the Plastic Waste Reduction Program (Plastic Program) meets the needs of the plastic credit market and enables the delivery of credible plastic waste reduction. Members of the PPAG are expected to provide strategic guidance on the evolution of the Plastic Program, including updates to the content of the Plastic Program rules, and insight into user needs. The Group also advises on existing and prospective market opportunities, such as those under extended producer responsibility schemes, voluntary corporate circularity commitments, and plastic reduction commitments.

Advisory Group members come from a wide range of geographies covering nearly every region and all plastic pollution hotspots: areas where plastic leakage occurs at some of its highest levels worldwide. To ensure all key stakeholder perspectives are taken into account in the operation and evolution of the Plastic Program, the PPAG includes project proponents, validation and verification bodies, academics, trade association representatives, sectoral experts, civil society members, and private-sector representatives.

The Plastic Program provides an efficient and powerful means to finance activities that verifiably reduce plastic waste in the environment.