Plastic pollution demands a response: 300 million tonnes of plastics are produced annually, 90% of plastics produced in the past 70 years have never been recycled, and plastic waste is found in such large quantities and in nearly every corner of our natural environment that scientists have suggested it could serve as a geological indicator of the Anthropocene era.

Motivated by the need to increase plastic waste recovery and to reintroduce post-consumer plastic into the supply chain in a standardized and transparent way, Verra launched the Plastic Waste Reduction Program (Plastic Program) in February 2021 to drive investment to projects that increase the collection and recycling of plastic waste and to verify that these projects credibly reduce plastic pollution.

To facilitate the growth of the Plastic Program, Verra is establishing the Plastic Program Advisory Group (AG) to offer technical support on:

  • Implementing and monitoring activities that contribute to plastic collection and recycling;
  • Rules for the accounting and crediting of plastic collection and recycling;
  • The evolution and role of the Plastic Program in the broader plastic stewardship context; and
  • Existing and prospective market opportunities for plastic waste reduction, recycling and recovery.

The Plastic Program AG will also advise on how the Plastic Program could further catalyze plastic waste reduction by driving investment to activities that collect and recycle waste plastics, improve livelihoods, ensure human rights and protect the natural environment.

Details about the Plastic Program AG’s scope, membership criteria, and application instructions are in the Terms of Reference. Interested stakeholders can apply by 18 June 2021. The first advisory group meeting will be held in July or August.

If you have comments or questions about Verra’s Plastic Program, please email