Today, the Climate Crisis Advisory Group (CCAG) shared a vision for the future of the voluntary carbon market (VCM) (external). This group of 16 experts from around the world, representing a diversity of opinions and expertise, came together to reaffirm the importance of this critical climate solution – and the importance of getting it right.

Verra is proud to support independent research that asks the tough questions. The key recommendations endorsed in this report are very much aligned with the many steps we are taking as part of the New Era for Verra. We entirely agree with CCAG’s position that carbon credits must be transparent, scientifically sound, and both well-measured and -monitored with a commitment to the principles of each project.

Verra remains determined and committed to raising the bar on integrity, transparency, and impact. We will continuously improve our methodologies, standards, and systems to tackle the issues presented in this report. Our core mission is to unlock investment in tangible climate action, and we believe CCAG’s research can help make that happen.

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