From its inception almost 20 years ago, Verra has pioneered market solutions that drive finance into much-needed climate action. We firmly believe that carbon markets offer the best, most readily available means to keep forests standing, promote clean cooking, save fragile ocean ecosystems, and so much more.

Today, we celebrate the landmark statement from the U.S. government underlining the importance of the voluntary carbon market (VCM).

We know high-integrity carbon credits give companies and emitters the ability to do more, and to do it faster than cutting internal emissions alone. We also know companies that buy carbon credits through the VCM are leaders (external) in climate action. The White House has now made the case for the VCM even stronger: the time has come for this climate solution.

Verra is the leading standards setter in the VCM, and we continue to promote rigor, transparency, and vigilance for science-backed and consensus-driven standards. Verra is committed to certifying high-quality projects and issuing high-integrity credits that represent real, additional and permanent emission reductions and reward co-benefits, while also including critical social and environmental safeguards. Our core mission is to unlock investment in tangible climate action. We applaud the United States for supporting this key climate action tool.

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Verra is a global leader helping to tackle the world’s most intractable environmental and social challenges. As a mission-driven nonprofit organization, Verra is committed to helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve livelihoods, and protect natural resources by working with the private and public sectors. We support climate action and sustainable development with standards programs and tools that credibly, transparently, and robustly assess environmental and social impacts and enable funding for sustaining and scaling up projects that verifiably deliver these benefits.