If a carbon offset project developers finds that no existing methodology meets their needs, VCS offers them the opportunity to develop a new methodology that does, or to revise an existing VCS methodology. The below methodology is open for public comment until 29 May 2019. Comments submitted during this time will become part of the public record and will also be considered by the validation and verification bodies and the developer.

This methodology is applicable to project activities that use waste CO2 as a feedstock in the production of concrete. Such project activities reduce greenhouse gas emissions in two ways. First, project activities incorporate waste CO2 into concrete, which lowers emissions by capturing gas that would have otherwise been emitted to the atmosphere and permanently embedding it in concrete. Second, project activities lower the amount of cement required in the production of concrete compared to traditional production processes, further reducing emissions because cement production is highly energy- and carbon-intensive. This methodology is applicable globally and  utilizes a positive list for determining additionality.

The full draft of the Methodology for CO2 Utilization in Concrete Production is on our website for review. Please send any comments to secretariat@verra.org by 30 May 2019.