VCS methodology VM0012 has been revised to apply to projects on public lands.

The methodology was previously limited to projects on private, fee simple properties.

VM0012: Improved Forest Management in Temperate and Boreal Forests (LtPF) v1.1 is available for immediate use.

In addition, VM0012 was required on 30 March to undergo a separate revision to conform with requirements for accounting emissions from harvested wood. The required revision may be completed using a streamlined process facilitated by VCS.

Projects may continue using VM0012 — either v1.0 or v1.1 — provided a validation report is issued by 30 September 2012. Later projects must apply a future version of the methodology. Check the VM0012 page regularly for status updates.

VM0012 was developed by 3Green Tree and Ecosystem Restoration Associates and revised with support fromCamco International Group.

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