Active since 03 July 2024

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Sectoral Scope

6. Construction

CDM methodology AM0125: Production of geopolymer cement (external) is applicable to project activities that produce geopolymer cement in either greenfield geopolymer cement plant(s) or retrofitted existing cement grinding-only plant(s) (i.e., plants with no clinker manufacturing facility) to displace ordinary Portland cement that would have otherwise been produced and used in the host country.

This methodology revision integrates a discount factor to account for uncertainty related to the displacement of production of virgin materials caused by the project activity.

Projects must apply VMR0012 in conjunction with the latest version of AM0125 (external). The CDM methodology AM0125 (external) is excluded from the VCS Program for being used as a standalone methodology

Development History

VMR0012 Production of Geopolymer Cement, v1.0

Status: Active since July 3, 2024
Mitigation Outcome Label Eligibility: Reductions
Developer(s): Verra developed this minor revision as a result of the August 2023 VCS Program Updates which introduces an upstream displacement discount factor.
Dates of Public Consultation: N/A
Summary of Public Consultation: N/A
VVB Assessment Report(s): N/A – minor revision
Announcement(s): Verra Releases Geopolymer Cement Methodology