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7. Transport

Verra performed a review of the methodology in accordance with Section 9 of the Methodology Approval Process v4.0 and identified that the approach to quantify the baseline emissions and potential leakage is outdated. The methodology was inactivated on 21 June 2021.

This methodology quantifies the GHG emission reductions from individuals commuting to work by utilizing a carpooling program. Carpooling programs have the potential to reduce GHG emissions from the carbon intensive practice of solitary commutes. This methodology quantifies the GHG emission reductions achieved by a carpooling program using a smartphone application that is able to communicate with individual carpooler’s vehicles. This application directly tracks reductions in the number of solitary trips from participants in the carpooling program. This methodology applies to carpooling programs located in regions with private vehicles containing an On Board Diagnostics unit.

Watch a recording of the webinar describing this methodology here.

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