Draft Methodology

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14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use


Under Development

VM0036 v1.0 outlines procedures to estimate the reduction of net GHG emissions resulting from project activities implemented to rewet drained peatlands in temperate climatic regions. It allows for the estimation of GHG emissions from drained and rewetted peatlands and accounts for changes in carbon stocks in selected non-peat carbon pools.

The proposed revision extends the applicability to boreal peatlands. Other proposed changes include:

  • Applying IPCC Wetland Supplement defaults as baseline parameters for calculating emission reductions in temperate and boreal zones,
  • Applying IPCC Wetland Supplement emission factors for project scenario emissions and removals,
  • Adopting an activity method and developing a positive list for Nordic countries,
  • Improving the readability of VM0036.


The proposed methodology is being developed by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) (opens on external site), and is currently at “Step 3: Draft Methodology Development” of the VCS Methodology Development and Review Process, 4.3 (PDF).

Stakeholders interested in collaborating during methodology development or developing projects that this methodology might enable are encouraged to contact Please include the Methodology Development ID# CN0100 in the subject line.