Sectoral Scope

1. Energy (renewable/non-renewable)


Under Development (Inactive)

ACM0002 places a limit of 4W/m2 on the power density of hydroelectric power plants (HEPP) to prevent methane emission from vegetation in the submerged area but also indicates that if there exist no vegetation, methodology revision can be requested. The recommended revision aims at clarification of the methodology and enables application of the methodology to project which have no significant vegetation and therefore do not cause significant emission due to vegetation in the submerged area, without affecting the conservativeness of the methodology.

The proposed changes put a limit on the applicability of the revision in terms of forest area and requires cleaning of the trees and shrubs in the submerged area (if any) before the reservoir starts holding water as well as the planting of new trees as a mitigation measure.

Public Comment

This methodology was open for public comment from 18 May 2009 until 16 June 2009. Public comments are closed.