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3. Energy demand

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The proposed methodology applies to project activities that deploy improved thermal energy generation units in households, community-based kitchens, institutions (e.g., schools, hospitals), or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Improved thermal energy generation units include, but are not limited to, cookstoves, ovens, and dryers. The proposed methodology covers a broad set of activities and consolidates elements of existing methodologies currently approved for use within the VCS Program.

Existing and similar methodologies include the following:

The proposed methodology includes improvements to represent current best practices, streamlined monitoring approaches, and reflect the latest heat generation technologies, baseline fuels, and quantification methods.


Verra received several requests to revise and expand the scope of VMR0006 and decided to lead the development of the consolidation as per Section 2.1.1(2) of the VCS Methodology Development and Review Process, 4.2 (PDF). Verra released a Request For Proposal (PDF) to find a qualified methodology developer and selected Atmosphere Alternative (opens on external site). The proposed consolidated methodology is currently at Step 4: Public Stakeholder Consultation of the VCS Methodology Development and Review Process, 4.3 (PDF).

The consultation for this proposed consolidated methodology is open from December 15, 2023, to January 31, 2024. Stakeholders are encouraged to submit feedback using the M0174 Comment Template (xlsx) to