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10. Fugitive emissions from fuels

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This methodology developed by Perspectives GMBH and Quimobásicos, S.A. de C.V uses a performance benchmark to quantify emission reductions from project activities destroying HFC-23 generated from the production of HCFC-22. The methodology ensures that the baseline amount of HCFC-22 eligible for crediting is capped at an amount that is required under the Montreal Protocol’s phase out of HCFC-22 and financially viable in the absence of revenues from HFC-23 emission reductions. The baseline emissions from HFC-23 is defined by a performance benchmark metric representing a global average emission factor of HFC?23 emissions from HCFC-22 production, consisting of all HCFC-22 production plants in the world. This methodology then uses a performance method to determine additionality by introducing a stringent additionality performance benchmark metric that ensures the use of state-of-the-art-destruction technology and achieves almost one hundred percent destruction of HFC-23 from HCFC-22 produced. Project emissions include fugitive HFC-23 emissions, CO2emissions from fossil fuel or electricity consumption for the operation of the HFC-23 decomposition facility and CO2 emissions from the decomposition of HFC-23 to CO2. The Expert Consultation Report can be found by clicking this link Expert Consultation Report (PDF).

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