The first plastic project in India, the Plastic Waste Recycling Project in Surat, has been listed on the Verra Registry. The project proponent JB Ecotex seeks to issue Waste Recycling Credits (WRCs) in Verra’s Plastic Program for the recycling of PET plastic waste. The recycled materials will be used to produce Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (RPSF), which can displace virgin plastic in the manufacturing of textiles and garments. The project proponent estimates they will recycle more than 300,000 MT of PET waste in the first 7-year crediting period and will use the finance generated by Plastic Credits to scale up their recycling activity in the city of Surat.

The project, developed by EnKing International, is currently undergoing validation and verification and can then request registration and be issued Plastic Credits by Verra.