Data and Insights

VCS Quarterly Update

Issue #2 - Q1/2020

We are pleased to share with you the second quarterly “Data and Insights Series” with detailed information about VCU issuances, retirements and project types. We published this information because we understood there was interest in seeing this type of aggregated data which also provides a good indicator of market activity, considering that the VCS Program is the most commonly transacted project standard.

We did hear from a number of stakeholders that the first quarterly report we published in December 2019 was a valuable resource and hope this update is equally, if not more, useful. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions to make this an even better resource.

Main Takeaways

The year 2020 will bring more changes than any of us ever expected. How exactly they will affect the carbon markets remains to be seen, although we do hope you can rely on the VCS Quarterly Updates to keep you informed along the way.

VCS Data and Insights – Q1/2020
total projects
projects registered
projects in the pipeline
Summary Totals to Date
VCU ISSUANCES* (Total To Date)
VCUs available for sale

*One VCU represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent that was removed from the atmosphere or not emitted.

cars taken off the road
for a year
188,311,059 VCUs issuances from AFOLU* projects, all years
264,725,420 VCUs issuances from Non‑AFOLU* projects, all years
*AFOLU – Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use
AFOLU Issuances
Non-AFOLU Issuances
Total Issuances
VCU Issuances from AFOLU* Projects To Date
VCU Issuances by Region To Date

ALM – Agricultural Land Management
ARR – Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegation
IFM – Improved Forest Management
REDD – Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation
WRC – Wetland Restoration and Conservation

*AFOLU – Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use
Retirements to Date
VCUs that have been purchased and taken off the market forever; a retired VCU represents a carbon offset.
84,842,535 VCUs from AFOLU* Projects
169,010,637 VCUs from Non‑AFOLU* Projects
*AFOLU – Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use