Verra has launched a public consultation on proposed changes to the VCS Methodology Approval Process and related sections of the VCS Standard and VCS Program Guide. The updates seek to improve the efficiency of the methodology development and review processes while enhancing the transparency and quality of VCS methodologies.

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Verra will seek stakeholder input on the following proposed changes:

  • Addition of a methodology idea note to facilitate the submission of proposals for the development of new and revised methodologies, tools, or modules and determine the development pathway;
  • Establishment of a formal option for Verra to lead methodology development by hiring an expert consultant to manage the development of the methodology, tool, or module;
  • Introduction of a requirement for developers to collaborate on concept notes, methodologies, and methodology frameworks under certain circumstances;
  • Updates to the process and requirements for methodology revisions, including a more streamlined process for minor revisions;
  • Enhanced review process for approved VCS methodologies (e.g., conducting a regular review and potential update every five years);
  • Updates to the grace periods for methodology versions that are replaced, become inactive, or are excluded from the VCS Program;
  • General improvements to, and clarifications of, the methodology development and review process;
  • Modification of the use of external experts for certain assessment responsibilities; and
  • Elimination of the methodology compensation rebate mechanism due to evolving market conditions and available funding, and to avoid counterproductive incentives for developing new methodologies over updating approved methodologies.

Please read the Proposed Updates to the VCS Methodology Approval Process and review the Draft VCS Methodology Review and Development Procedure for detailed information. This public consultation was open from 31 August to 30 September 2022.

Verra expects to release the finalized updates to the VCS Methodology Approval Process by the end of 2022.

On 8 September at 11:00 am EDT, Verra held a one-hour webinar to provide an overview of the proposed updates. Watch the recording or view the slides.

Please contact with questions about the consultation.