Verra has launched a public consultation on a proposed revision to CDM methodology AM0057 Avoided emissions from biomass wastes through use as feed stock in pulp and paper, cardboard, fibreboard or bio-oil production (PDF). The updated version would be published as a methodology in the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program.

The proposed revision expands the methodology to include wood waste. The current version of the methodology applies only to agricultural waste and covers project activities such as the construction of facilities for processing pulp and paper, cardboard, fibreboard, or bio-oil production that use agricultural waste as feedstock.

Expanding the methodology to include additional types of biomass waste will create a path for scaling up additional activities that contribute to solving problems in the waste sector (e.g., accumulation and improper disposal) while also advancing climate action, especially in some developing countries. Verra particularly expects more projects in Africa to use the updated methodology.

The proposed changes constitute a minor revision per the Methodology Development and Review Process, v4.3 (PDF).

Verra regularly reviews existing methodologies in the VCS Program to ensure they are robust and reflect the most recent science and best practices. This review contributes to the “Enhanced Program Integrity and Impact” thematic area under Verra’s “New Era for Verra” initiative. Per this goal, Verra is reviewing all eligible and approved methodologies every five years to ensure that they remain usable and consistent with program requirements, market best practices, and the latest scientific evidence.

To provide feedback on the proposed revision, please submit feedback using the M0193 Comment Template (XLSX) to by November 29, 2023.