Jennifer McFarlane is a partner at Asterra Partners, which provides advisory services to hardware and SaaS companies in climate on strategy, ESG, and financing. Jennifer has served on the boards of several companies in the climate, energy, and health tech sectors, shaping discussions about strategic growth opportunities, rapid scaling, long-term sustainability, risk management, and governance.

Jennifer brings a wealth of finance experience. She began her career in investment banking and has spent twenty years as a CFO/advisor to private and public companies. Her skill set spans process technologies, project development, manufacturing, and SaaS operations.

As a CFO, Jennifer led several companies to the next level through delivering on rapid growth and global expansion. She contributed to key decisions on strategic growth and business models, which she then executed by securing the necessary capital and closing key strategic/merger and acquisition transactions while rapidly expanding financial and operational systems.

Additionally, she has served as chair of both audit and compensation committees and holds an ESG Global Designation from Competent Boards.