By Cheryl Kaften of TMC Net Green Technology World

Axios Mobile Assets Corporation — a logistics company that uses bio-based pallets with very little poundage — has received notification from the VCS Association, a Washington, DC-based greenhouse gas accounting program, that it is eligible for monetization of carbon credits resulting from weight savings.

Axios has partnered with the Verified Carbon Standard to approve adoption of the industry’s first Lightweight Pallet Methodology, giving the logistics provider and its worldwide clients the go-ahead to track and retire carbon units through the VCS registry program.

“This new methodology perfectly illustrates how carbon finance can be an engine that helps businesses modernize their existing assets, while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said VCS Chief Executive Officer David Antonioli. “It also demonstrates how carbon finance can make supply chains greener, and given there are huge opportunities for emission reductions in the shipping industry generally, this methodology should serve as an exciting starting point for those business leaders interested in improving both their bottom line and the environment.”

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