Earlier this month, Verra launched the Plastic Waste Reduction Standard (Plastic Standard) which helps companies that have fully maximized efforts to reduce the plastic footprint of their operations to invest in projects that collect and recycle plastic waste.

This one-hour webinar will introduce Verra’s new Plastic Waste Reduction Standard (Plastic Standard) and the Corporate Plastic Stewardship (Guidelines) which were developed by the 3R Initiative, South Pole, Quantis and EA.

We will discuss how the Plastic Standard and Guidelines can help companies achieve their plastic waste commitments. Bring your questions and join us!


Date: Thursday, 25 February
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST


  • Sinclair Vincent, Senior Manager, Standards Development, Verra


  • David Antonioli, CEO, Verra
  • René Mettler, Consultant Corporate Sustainability, South Pole
  • Anna Kounina, Senior Sustainability consultant, Quantis
  • Shannon Bouton, President & CEO, McKinsey.org

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Please reach out to plasticstandard@verra.org with questions.