VCS today released updates to several Version 3 Program Documents.

See the 1Q12 updates catalogue for a complete list and description of all updates. The main updates include:

  • New requirements for developing standardized methods, accompanied by a guidance document;
  • Expanded requirements governing the treatment of carbon pools in AFOLU methodologies;
  • Updated grace periods for methodologies that are revised;
  • Updated rules on double counting to clarify requirements governing double monetization and double selling versus double claiming. See Double Counting Policy Brief;
  • Updated regulatory surplus rules to distinguish between Annex I and non-Annex I countries;

The updates themselves are incorporated directly into the VCS Program documents and can be located by clicking on the relevant link in the 1Q12 updates catalogue.

All VCS Program documents are updated periodically to strengthen and expand the scope of the program.

An overview of all updates since the release of version 3 can be found on the VCS version 3 updates page. A running list of updates to individual program documents can be found in the history at the end of each document.

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