Verra plans to launch a public consultation on its proposed approach to third-party crypto instruments and tokens in early August. The dates of the consultation will be announced on the Verra website and social media (Twitter and LinkedIn) and in Verra’s monthly newsletter.

Later in August, Verra will hold a webinar on this topic.

Verra recognizes the possible opportunities that crypto instruments and tokens can present for environmental and social markets and, by extension, enhancing and accelerating the channeling of finance to support the emission reduction and removal projects that supply these markets. Verra also recognizes the potential risks that such instruments may pose.

The public consultation will invite inputs on all matters relating to this topic, including:

  • What enabling measures may be implemented to responsibly associate Verra instruments with crypto instruments or tokens;
  • What know-your-customer (KYC) checks should be conducted on issuers and/or holders of crypto instruments or tokens;
  • How the Verra Registry Terms of Use should be amended; and
  • What fees, if any, Verra should charge in relation to crypto instruments and tokens.