Verra has released the following updates to the VCS Program (click on each bullet to learn more):

The following documents are affected by the above updates (listed with the new version numbers); all documents can be found on the VCS Rules and Requirements page:

  • Program Guide, v4.2
  • VCS Standard, v4.3
  • Program Definitions, v4.2
  • Methodology Requirements, v4.2
  • Methodology Approval Process, v4.1
  • Registration and Issuance Process, v4.2

Some of the proposed program updates included in the public consultation that ran from February to April 2022 are being deferred.

Appreciation for Stakeholder Inputs

These VCS Program updates were released taking into account valuable stakeholder input received through many channels, including a public consultation from February through April 2022. During this consultation, Verra received feedback from nearly 30 respondents, including project proponents, professional developers, corporate buyers, environmental organizations, and the general public. A summary of comments from the consultation is available on the Verra website. Thank you to everybody who submitted feedback!

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