VVB ID number: 072
Contact: Valerie Chan, vchan@dillon.ca
Location: 235 Yorkland Boulevard, Suite 800, Toronto, Ontario, M2J 4Y8, Canada
Website: https://www.dillon.ca/home
Accreditation Body: ANAB – https://anabpd.ansi.org/

Note: Dillon Consulting Limited is currently applying for ISO 14065 scope VCS accreditation extension with the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) for the sectoral scopes listed below. Final approval is conditional and still pending.



Sectoral scopeStatusValid from
1. Energy (renewable/non-renewable)Pending accreditation23/02/2024
4. Manufacturing industriesPending accreditation23/02/2024
5. Chemical industryPending accreditation23/02/2024
8. Mining/Mineral productionPending accreditation23/02/2024
9. Metal productionPending accreditation23/02/2024
10. Fugitive emissions from fuelsPending accreditation23/02/2024
11. Fugitive emissions from industrial gasesPending accreditation23/02/2024
13. Waste handling and disposalPending accreditation23/02/2024