We are excited to announce updates to the VCS and CCB Program Fee Schedules that will lower costs for large issuances of VCUs and CCB labels. First, we are extending the existing VCU issuance levy sliding scale to apply lower VCU levy rates to higher issuance volumes. We are also introducing a sliding scale for the CCB label fee which mirrors that of the VCU issuance levy.

We are also broadening the scenarios in which the VCU and CCB label sliding scales apply. Previously, the sliding scales were only applicable to individual issuance events. This previous structure limited the cases where the sliding scales could potentially be triggered. With these updates, the sliding scale rates will be applicable to the total volume of VCUs and CCB labels issued from one project, and one verification period, over a 12-month period, regardless of the number of individual issuance events.

These updates to the VCU levy and CCB label fee are effective retroactively to VCUs and CCB labels issued from 1 January 2017.

One final update we’ve made to the VCS Program Fee Schedule is that we are introducing a sliding scale for the methodology developer compensation rebate, which will be structured in the same way as the VCU and CCB label sliding scales. These changes will be effective starting in 2018.

The new fee rates for the VCU levy, CCB label fee, and methodology developer compensation rebate are listed in the table below, with new fee rates in bold text:

The full details of these updates, along with example calculations using the new sliding scales, can be found in the VCS Program Fee Schedule and CCB Program Fee Schedule.

As always, any questions, comments or feedback may be sent to secretariat@v-c-s.org or CCBStandards@v-c-s.org.