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Updates to the VCS Version 4

Verra has issued an important set of updates to the VCS Program. Verra implements such updates from time to time to ensure the integrity of the Program and carbon markets.

The current update includes four clarifications.

  • Clarification 1 establishes that the VCS project start date for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Component Project Activities (CPAs) seeking to register in the VCS Program is the date on which each CPA began reducing or removing GHG emissions.
  • Clarification 2 clarifies that the definitions for ‘Project Start Date’ and ‘Project Crediting Period Start Date’ are the same.
  • Clarification 3 provides additional details about effective dates for the conversion of credits issued to CDM CPAs.
  • Clarification 4 clarifies the grace periods for using previous versions of VCS methodologies.

Project proponents and validation/verification bodies must apply all VCS Program documents consistent with these Clarifications to VCS Program Rules and Requirements, 19 April 2022. If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please contact Michelle Davidov, Administrator, Program Development and Innovations, at

Effective Date: 19 April 2022

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