Our CCB & VCS Programs will release an update later this June. Here’s what to expect.

We’re making some substantive updates to our CCB Program documents, including clarifications and streamlining. Users who use the CCB and VCS Programs together will find this update particularly helpful, because moving forward, they will be able to submit all project documents together, without having to go through two separate review processes. We’ll also provide new CCB templates, which include a section designed to help project proponents better communicate their social and environmental project benefits.

Complementing these changes to CCB Program documents, we’ll also be updating our VCS Program documents. Most of the forthcoming changes to the VCS Program will be procedural and are in response to stakeholder requests for clarification and our almost a decade of experience managing the program. Most updates to the program documents will do one of the following:

  • Support our users. For example, we’re updating our internal project review process to better coordinate reviews of projects using both the VCS and CCB Standards.
  • Streamline use of the standards. Among other things, we’re expanding the types of methodologies that can undergo a ‘streamlined approval process’ which requires just one VVB assessment. This change will make the approval process for those methodologies quicker and more cost-effective.
  • Support the integrity of the standard. We’ll update the global warming potentials we use to better align with the most recent science.

With all these updates, our goal is to make our standards as accessible to users as possible, while maintaining their environmental integrity. We want to ensure that our standards raise the bar rather than set the baseline.

We look forward to rolling out these updates shortly. Stay tuned!