Tom Bui serves as the Senior Manager of Validation/Verification Quality Control at Verra, where he plays a crucial role in overseeing the VVB site assessment process. He liaises with Accreditation Bodies and Validation/Verification Bodies to ensure program applications and VVB performance adhere strictly to Verra’s rigorous standards. Tom’s expertise in standard setting and VVB oversight is integral to maintaining the integrity and efficacy of validations and verifications within the organization.

Prior to joining Verra, Tom amassed extensive experience across various capacities within standard setting organizations and as an independent consultant. In these roles, he specialized in developing, enhancing, and overseeing certification programs, standard requirements, assurance systems, and auditor performance management programs. His earlier career as an auditor for accreditation and certification bodies provided him with a deep understanding of the field’s complexities and challenges.

Currently residing in the Netherlands, Tom enjoys the serene beauty of its flat-land forests through frequent long walks and finds peace tending to his garden, reflecting his connection to nature and personal well-being.