As a Program Officer, Tanya provides technical support to stakeholders by responding to their project enquiries. She also ensures the quality of projects registering with Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program.

Before joining Verra, Tanya worked as a freelance environmental consultant in Barbados, where she was responsible for monitoring and assessing nutrient levels, pH, and soluble salts in banana crop fields. In this role, she also provided recommendations where appropriate to help implement climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies on a local farm.

Tanya also consulted for the BCRC-Caribbean, during which time she assisted on a regional project aimed to sustainably manage hazardous waste and chemicals, specifically persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in Barbados. In this role, she reviewed and validated preliminary listings of 24 potentially POP-contaminated sites in Barbados. Tanya also conducted desktop studies, literature reviews, site assessments and social surveys for the top five priority sites.

Tanya has also worked as an Environmental Assistant at Smiley Monroe in the United Kingdom, where she was actively involved in multiple environmental projects focused on sustainability, water, energy, and waste management. She was one of the main liaisons and project leads and communicated with government officials, regional contractors, and other stakeholders. Tanya also conducted research and drafted technical project proposals and was instrumental in the implementation of an efficient waste management and recycling system.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology from the University of the West Indies (Barbados) and a Master’s degree in Conservation Ecology from Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, United Kingdom).

In her free time, Tanya likes to go to the beach, read, travel, and explore new places. She also has a keen interest in esthetics and skincare.