As Senior Program Officer, Natural Climate Solutions, VCS Program Management, Shea supports stakeholders and helps maintain the quality of projects registering with Verra programs.

Before joining the team, Shea worked in the sustainable packaging space, where she helped the private sector source and recover fiber-based products more sustainably. In her role, Shea planned and facilitated working groups, conducted research, and wrote technical and communications content. She also supported the development of a landscape-level analysis tool, which helps companies identify and address critical environmental risks in US wood baskets.

Shea has a technical background in ecology and carbon cycling. She holds a Master of Science from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her graduate research examined how forest age, disturbance history, and climate variability affected forest growth and carbon sequestration. Before moving to Virginia, Shea attended college in Durango, Colorado.

In her free time, Shea enjoys traveling, entertaining her dog Foxy, and making pottery.