In the position of Manager, Social and Environmental Safeguards on the Sustainable Development (SD) Program and Innovation Department, Renata supports the revision of social and environmental safeguard requirements across all Verra programs, particularly those related to human rights and biodiversity. She supports the team in developing tools and guidance to report on safeguards and SD impacts, and in updating Verra programs regarding social and environmental safeguards.

Renata formerly worked at Agreena, a project developer based in Europe implementing one of Verra’s methodologies for regenerative agriculture projects as Standards Specialist. Prior to this role, she worked at Rainforest Alliance as Operations and Technical Manager for the LandScale initiative; the same initiative she co-developed while working at Verra from 2019 to 2021 at the Washington DC office.

Renata studied a Master of Environmental Management at the Yale School of the Environment and holds a B.A. in International Relations from Tec de Monterrey in Mexico.

Renata has worked in several positions in Mexico such as Climate Change Advisor at the Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources in the International Affairs Department. For two years, she was a Project Manager in policy advocacy at a Mexican non-profit organization, Reforestamos Mexico, where she coordinated the Landscape Restoration Initiative under the Bonn Challenge for the Yucatan Peninsula. She started her professional career as a researcher in environmental economics, first at the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change and later joined the Centro Mario Molina. She is currently based in Mexico City.