As a Senior Program Officer, Energy and Industry, Pooja is responsible for ensuring the high integrity of projects that apply for registration and issuance under the VCS Program through documentation and process review. She also supports the Auditing and Accreditation team in identifying performance gaps and training needs for validation/verification bodies (VVBs).

Before joining Verra, Pooja worked with the Indian subsidiary of C-Quest Capital (CQC), a world leader in driving carbon finance towards community development projects. As Head of Technical, she was responsible for co-managing the Carbon and Sustainability Accounting Team (CSAT), the core technical unit in CQC comprising 30 plus team members across different geographies. During her tenure there, she successfully guided challenging business environments, developing and executing various CQC projects in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent and dealth with technical issues arising from methodology and program compliance interpretations. One of her biggest achievements has been overseeing the creation of dedicated resource pools within CSAT to support CQC’s expansion in new mechanisms, including Verra’s SD VISta program.

Pooja has a M.Tech. Degree in Environmental Engineering and over 10+ years of experience in climate change and sustainability accounting/auditing, consulting, methodology development and design, and execution of community development projects. She has a keen interest in projects involving degraded land management and micro-intervention led eco-restoration projects.