As Auditing and Accreditation Manager, Quality Assurance, Pedro is responsible for developing the Verra accreditation standard and procedures, establishing the Validation and Verification Body (VVB) performance system, and supporting the VVB performance improvement process.

Pedro has over fifteen years of experience in carbon mechanisms and assurance services. Before joining Verra, he worked in an organization that provides assurance services for voluntary sustainability standards worldwide; his duties included developing and maintaining the quality management system to ensure compliance with relevant standards. Previously, he worked for the UNFCCC Secretariat, where he evaluated CDM projects submitted for registration and issuance and supported methodology developments and for a certification company in validating and verifying CDM projects, outreach, and commercial activities.

Pedro holds a degree in Industrial Engineering (UNSA – Peru) and an M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and Technologies (Vrije University of Brussels – Belgium). Pedro is a family man that enjoys gardening, biking, and traveling.