As Senior Program Officer, Events, Pablo identifies relevant events related to carbon markets, biodiversity credits, and plastics credits, researches new engagement prospects, and oversees the logistics for Verra’s attendance at significant events. Pablo ensures Verra’s participation is well-coordinated and aligns with our strategic objectives.

Before joining Verra, Pablo managed the World Biodiversity Network and the World Biodiversity Summit, bridging the climate and biodiversity agendas. He successfully organized events at major climate gatherings such as New York Climate Week, the UNFCCC COP, and the UNCBD COP. Pablo has extensive experience developing programs, building long-term institutional partnerships, and engaging with diverse stakeholders.

Pablo holds a master’s degree in Nature Management (Landscape, Biodiversity, and Planning) from the University of Copenhagen, where his studies focused on the management and sustainable development of nature and landscapes. He also holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Now in Madrid, Pablo enjoys outdoor adventures and has a strong passion for nature, especially monkeys, after working for several years at Europe’s largest primate rescue center.