Nafil is a Senior Program Officer, Natural Climate Solutions with the Program Management Team. He provides technical guidance to program users, provides insightful inputs for the development of Verra programs, and conducts policy analysis.

Before joining Verra, Nafil attended Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands, where graduated with a master’s degree in Climate Studies. Nafil has extensive knowledge in climate change mitigation, specifically through nature-based solutions, and has published multiple peer-reviewed scientific articles related to climate change impact, mitigation, and adaptation. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Indonesia.

Nafil has worked as an intern for ESTI (Ecosystem Services Trading Initiative), where he was responsible for developing their carbon credits methodology for agricultural soil and agroforestry. In addition, he designed a methodology to make implementing carbon projects feasible on small-scale farms. Nafil has also volunteered as a methodology and certification advisor for CarbonEthics. Throughout his time in CarbonEthics, he was involved in multiple mangrove conservation and restoration projects throughout Indonesia. He also provided the organization with a guideline on starting a carbon project in the AFOLU sector.

Nafil likes to learn about ancient history and philosophy, visit historical sites, play video games competitively, and power-lift in his free time.