Mauricio serves as Senior Program Officer, VCS Methodologies, in Brazil, supporting the Program Development and Innovation Department’s success. He reviews and updates methodologies to ensure they continue to reflect best practices.

Prior to joining Verra, Mauricio acted as Senior Manager at EKI, an Indian project developer, providing consultancy services for projects in Latin America and Africa. He has also worked as an external expert for UNFCCC and as a project auditor for SGS/Benri/Control Union.

Mauricio has a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy from Universidad de Barcelona. He also has degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Escola Politecnica – University of Sao Paulo (USP) and has completed post-graduate studies in Corporate Finance from Escola de Administracao de Sao Paulo (EAESP-FGV). Mauricio has over fifteen years of experience working with carbon projects certified by the CDM/VCS/GCC/ISCC and Renovabio Programs, as well as GHG inventories.