As Manager, Massimiliano is responsible for ensuring the integrity and quality of projects registered in the VCS Program, supporting professional development within the team, and managing a growing team of NCS experts and contractors.

Massimiliano brings over 18 years of experience as project manager, consultant, and evaluator of NCS projects, especially in the tropics. Before joining Verra, Massimiliano worked for five years in Tanzania and for two years in Angola managing agroecology and Participatory Forest Management projects. He also worked on the field for long and medium-term assignments in Peru, Guinea Bissau and eSwatini.

He served for 5 years as policy adviser for Ecological Transition for the Italian NGO COSPE, coordinating a team of experts located in 21 different countries.

In his previous role, Massimiliano worked as Senior Carbon and Natural Climate Expert and assessed the applicability of remote sensing products to monitor the environmental integrity of Payment for Ecosystem Services schemes.

Massimiliano holds a 5-year university degree in Forestry and Environmental science and a M.Sc. in Tropical Forestry.

Outside of work Massimiliano enjoys listening to jazz, spending time outdoors, and traveling.