Kelsey Tennett

Title: Administrator, Program Management
Joined Verra: 2022
Languages spoken:English, French (basic)

As the Administrator for the Program Management Team, Kelsey optimizes efficiency for the team by coordinating operations such as human resources, budget management, communications, and contract management. Kelsey also acts as the liaison for the Program Management Team to help ensure integration within the organization at large, and to streamline communication with external stakeholders.

Kelsey is an experienced administrative professional with an eclectic background in marine science, academia, waste management, and local government. Her foray into sustainable development began when she was earning her degree in marine science. During this time, she became keenly aware of the destruction of our ocean ecosystems and felt compelled to shift her professional focus to sustainable development and environmental conservation. Since then, she has worked in various sectors to spark engagement and awareness around sustainable policies and practices. Her experience in sustainable development ranges anywhere from managing projects for university programs to sorting and properly disposing of compost, recycling, and trash at public events with non-profit recycling organizations. In her most recent role, Kelsey worked as a liaison for the transportation demand management program, Way to Go, where she helped commuters in the Denver metro region transition from single-occupancy vehicle travel to alternative modes of transportation. She is passionate about making a difference toward a sustainable, equitable future for all.

Kelsey holds a bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and a master’s degree in Biology from West Chester University. In her free time, she loves being out in nature to rock climb and forage.

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