As Senior Program Officer of Technology Solutions, Joshua (Josh) collaborates with carbon methodology developers and software engineers to support the digitalization of methodologies and MRV tools. He also works with stakeholders and Verra staff to create platforms for carbon project developers and stakeholders to engage with that streamline verification and validation of projects.

Prior to joining Verra, Josh worked as a research assistant at MIT’s Materials Research Lab developing novel building materials derived from industrial waste to lessen landfill burden and minimize land degradation from incumbent materials. His research included quantifying embodied carbon and ecosystem services, conducting life cycle analyses, and policy analysis to show how responsibly steering society’s use of technology can benefit people and nature. He also worked at Stantec as a structural engineer for four years designing bridges and buildings, and has volunteered to help fight wildlife crime.

Josh earned a Master of Science in Technology & Policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Tufts University.