As Manager, Supply Chain Innovation at Verra, Jonathon (Jon) manages Verra’s global work related to supply chain and Scope 3 emission reductions. In particular, Jon investigates how Verra’s carbon credit methodologies, audit process, Registry, and standards could support increased climate action in supply chains.

Prior to joining Verra, Jon worked for the consulting firm Viresco Solutions Inc. as Sustainable Development Director. At Viresco, Jon provided consulting services to several multi-national corporates and industry associations on Scope 3 emission reductions and emissions management strategies. Jon has also contributed to the development and piloting of several voluntary and compliance market carbon credit methodologies, with a particular focus on nature-based solutions and agricultural emission reductions.

Prior to his career in environmental and carbon markets, Jon worked as an aquatic biologist, environmental surveyor, environmental regulator, and emergency flood response coordinator for the UK Government, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, and in the private sector. Jon’s experience living in a tent on the Greenland Ice Sheet for three months to research the impacts of climate change on meltwater dynamics with the University of Bristol has given him a unique perspective on the challenges posed by climate change.

Jon holds a First Class with Honours Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia. For his thesis, Jon used climate models and GIS paired with toxicology experiments to investigate future risks of parasitic beetle attacks on North American forests. Jon now lives in Calgary, Alberta, where he spends his spare time hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, biking, and running in the Canadian Rockies.