As Manager, Methodologies, Diego works on the assessment of concept notes and proposed methodologies with a focus on technological and industrial climate solutions. He supports updates to the VCS Program methodology approval process and internal management procedures, as well as overseeing colleagues engaged in the development of VCS methodologies. Diego also provides guidance and recommendations for new methodologies and interacts with project developers, auditors, and other stakeholders.

Diego has more than 15 years of experience in climate change work, leading international cooperation projects for the government and private sector related to national greenhouse gas inventories, mitigation plans, carbon footprints, energy transition, and Nationally Determined Contributions and Long-Term Strategies. He has also developed more than 50 mitigation projects and methodologies under different standards, mainly in energy and different industrial sectors. His experience includes the use of several tools for GHG emissions modelling, Monte Carlo simulation analysis, assessment of project’s economic and technical feasibility, scenarios simulations, and cash flows.

Prior to joining Verra, Diego was an external project assessor of CDM projects and part of the methodology expert group of UNFCCC. He was also part of the CORSIA working group in ICAO. He previously worked in industry where he focused on the implementation of energy efficiency measures and optimization of operative sectors.

Diego is based in Buenos Aires and holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Management, a graduate degree in Company Direction and Organization, and a BSc in Industrial Engineering, all from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), where he has also been teaching graduate and postgraduate courses for 20 years.