As Manager, REDD+, Natural Climate Solutions, at Verra, Daniela Herrera oversees the registration and verification processes of REDD projects, ensuring their quality and integrity. She offers technical guidance to the Program Management Team and VCS Program users, with a specific focus on REDD projects. Daniela plays a pivotal role in supporting the REDD team, VVBs, and project developers to facilitate the smooth transition of both current and new projects to VM0048 and Verra’s most recent REDD methodologies. She ensures the robustness and longevity of projects, furthering Verra’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability.

Before joining Verra, Daniela accumulated significant experience working closely with project developers in the carbon market sector. As the Conservation Project Lead at Earthshot Labs, she advised on innovative tools for evaluating the feasibility of REDD projects and contributed to the design, validation, and verification of NBS carbon projects. In her subsequent role as NBS Project Lead at Cuántico Global Eco Services, Daniela conducted feasibility studies for carbon certification in NBS projects, ensured quality assurance for REDD projects, and provided training to local partners. Her tenure at South Pole included diverse roles such as Associate Director QA/QC, Evaluation and Optimisation, where she supported the development of an internal due diligence framework, and Head of NBS Project Development LATAM, where she led project screening, assessment, and emission reduction initiatives.

Daniela’s expertise also encompasses managing projects under Colombian Carbon Tax regulations and advising on Forest Carbon projects, contributing to the carbon certification of over 25 projects.

Daniela holds a bachelor’s degree in Forest Engineering and a Master of Science in Forestry and Environmental Conservation from the National University of Colombia. Currently residing in Medellín, Colombia, she combines her academic background with practical experience to excel in her role. Outside of her professional endeavors, Daniela finds joy in the creative process of watercolor painting and cherishes the connection with nature, particularly when traveling to remote areas.