Claudia Milena Agudelo Palacio

Title: Senior Program Officer, Agriculture
Joined Verra: 2021
Languages spoken:English, Spanish

As Senior Program Officer, Milena contributes to the evolution of Verra programs by helping develop updates to existing rules and procedures and by providing technical input to the development of new methodologies, especially those related to ALM. Milena focuses on providing guidance and support to project developers, third-party auditors, methodology developers, and other stakeholders.

Before joining Verra, Milena worked with South Pole, where she coordinated and collaborated in the development of AFOLU projects to certify them under the internationally recognized emissions reduction certification schemes such as VCS and Gold Standard. During her last three years at South Pole, she led the management of the full carbon project cycle of agriculture and wetlands projects worldwide. Prior to this, Milena supported Climate Friendly in developing human-induced regeneration projects for the Australian Carbon Farming Initiative. Before that, she was part of Colombian research institutions such as INVEMAR, the Corporation for Biological Research – CIB, and the National University of Colombia, where she studied the Andean, Amazonian, and coastal tropical forest dynamics and functionality.

Milena holds a bachelor’s degree in Forest Engineering and a Master of Science in Forestry and Environmental Conservation from the National University of Colombia.

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Photo: Paul Vincent

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