As Director, VCS Program Methodologies, Christian oversees Verra’s portfolio of existing VCS methodologies and the approval processes of new methodologies. He also develops ways to streamline methodology development requirements and procedures.

Before joining Verra, Christian worked with South Pole supervising the implementation of around 80 land-based carbon sequestration projects under the Australian Emission Reductions Fund, and later the implementation of carbon project and methodology development in the Americas. He was also leading and assisting different climate change policy and climate change impact studies. Prior to this, he worked since 2007 in different climate change consulting firms and as an independent consultant on project development under different carbon standards such as the CDM, VCS and Gold Standard.

He has experience in many sectors and project types, including energy industries, manufacturing industries, transport, waste handling and disposal, agriculture and CCUS, among others.

Christian is Swiss and based in Bogotá, Colombia, and holds a M.Sc. in Physics (ETH Zurich) and a Master of Business Administration (ISEAD Madrid).